HOLD MY TOMORROW (Watercolor & INK) paint day no.1

Watercolor and ink...two marvelous things. But what happens when they are put together?? harmony...music. Dimension and character.
Its been a while since I've had the time (yet alone patience) to go back at the paintbrush. And what with a 2 week vacation from dance, the palette and paper has been calling to me.

There seems no end to the beautiful powers of the braid. It looks great worm on literally any hair color, comes out detailed in sketches, simplistic in watercolor, and altogether aesthetic in pen.

A peony makes a stand here --- love to paint and wear flowers!

Mechanical pencil
Ink pen

I love the contrast between these three utensils; they add a pleasing sort of dimension that brings out only what the artist wishes the viewer to focus on. I was having a hard time trying to think of how to darken the lashes (in my last painting the face, shading, and flowers were better practiced but the eyes were far too dark to look at) and finally settled on just ink. It worked out better than I thought, actually.

Wanna see more? Stay tuned...don't know what the next watercolor will be, but it'll be here soon! Shall I play with pen, add freckles, or not do a face at all? All good questions. Follow via email or Bloglovin' to keep updated.

Let's talk!

What's your go-to watercolor flower?

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  1. Eeep! I love it! So pretty! You got skillz, girl! ;) Watercolor and ink is just perfection! <3 I already love watercolor, but taking it a step up with ink is just .. . *sigh* words cannot convey how much I love it. :D

    Sarah Grace

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I LOVE watercolor too, and this is actually one of my first times REALLY using ink with it. I definitely think I'll be using the two together again!

      Just saw your art, btw, and WOAH BEAUTY. gorgeous, girl!

  2. That's really gorgeous, Michaila!
    Are you going to add back a google followers button? I really love your blog, and was kinda startled when it suddenly was gone from my feed. I'm glad I follow you on goodreads, or else I might not have found your blog again.

    1. Thank you, Mikayla! I'm really aiming for a clean look with this new blog, so I'm encouraging following other ways --- email, bloglovin' social media, etc.
      So was I, lol. Unfortunately there were some technical problems...and hopefully I can find my old friends and lead em' back this way!
      Thank you for finding me <3333


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