...You are My Sunshine...

Watercolors can say so much. And its up to the artist to put emotion, feeling, and energy in their little piece of artwork.
For me, this past Mother's Day was going to be a little memorable gift for Mom. So I came up with this---a sunflower, which she loves, and those tiny ol' song lyrics from my kidhood. Watercolors are something I picked up a couple years ago...and have just gone deeper and deeper into the world of splatter, abstract, and simplicity.
I think there's so much beauty that goes unnoticed. We all see it, and some of us might even think in the very very back of our brains "wow that wildflower is glorious". And then one of us brings it out. And everyone else smiles, as they think to themselves,
I wasn't the only one who thought so.

What beauty have you taken notice of lately?

Was your Mother's Day gift a win this year?

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