5 Different Ways to Kick-start Journaling

We all want a journal like Laura Ingalls...but STARTING one is a whole other deal. With so many bonuses to writing a journal, you might be surprised it's taken you so long to get one.

I've been journaling since 8, and not only has it been a great relaxing thing to do at the end of the day, but it's kept memories I otherwise would have forgotten. It has helped my handwriting and grammar, besides.

A journal can be a planner, a prayer journal (which so often it turns into!), a diary, a travel journal, or even an art journal! So. Many. Books. So. Little. Time.

#1 Buy a writing-ready journal

I'm completely biased on this one...but T.J MAXX is my favorite place for pretty much near everything. C'mon, they've got diaries, travel journals, calender's, notebooks, notepads...it's a bit like a writer's heaven. And for 2/3 or half the original price. Some of my personal faves are Molly & Rex and Punch Studio.

#2 Set a Plan

Decide what day and time you could sit down and write -- for instance, every Sunday around 6:00 p.m. You could recap the past week, what happened to you, the funny things, the blessings, and the struggles. What you accomplished, and what you're looking forward to. Details in journaling is something to be appreciated; a lot of times when someone can't remember what happened to something/someone, a journal can easily be a handy record book...all the while de-stressing.

#3 Make yearly chapters

After journaling since about 8, it's taken me 5-6 years to make my diaries a bit more fascinating. One way to spice up the inspiration is to add chapters; little sections I do between years or birthdays. You could even do them every season change, if you keep a steady journal. Normally, my chapter page has a drawing, a little info, and then a list of what's trending that year and what my favorites are. Honestly, it's the funnest thing to look back at your 2015 journal and see 'the ice bucket challenge' and 'rainbow bracelets' and remember all the hilarious things you did then!

#4 Set goals

Journaling is also a great way to set some resolutions. Not only can you keep track of your past habits/hobbies etc, but you can also set the par for oncoming experiences. Like, for instance, traveling. With a little notebook in your hand on a long car ride (ahem, when you stop. I get terribly carsick if I look down) you can make notes and jot down things you want to do and see that you might not be able to on that trip, but maybe the next one. Take notes on the surroundings of new places, the architecture, contrast other places you've been and even compare the locals! It's all the joy of you and your journal.

You could even add a "before I'm old" page of all the things you want to do before your a senior, and check 'em off as you complete them.

#5 Add a doodle or two

You'll be able to tell how long ago a page was by your handwriting, no doubt. But a way to express yourself even more, is to fill your journal with art. No pressure; it's your personal book of secrets and no one else's. So take whatever your good at and give it a go. A journal is like your personality in a book, and it'll likely reflective all your different moods. Basically each entry will surprise you when, at the end of the year, you flip through and read them. And, hey, it may even outlast you -- future generations might know you even when your gone.

As you can see, the opportunities are limitless. Express yourself while debunking stress, and giving your thoughts to God on paper. It's a timeless hobby. Go for it!

Let's talk!
Have you tried to journal?
What's your style?

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  1. I actually just came across this, I love journaling!!! I write in a journal, make to-do lists nearly everyday in it, and make monthly goals. I love it, but sometimes I can be over goal-y...if that makes any sense :P
    Great post!! The chapter thing sounds so neat, I might have to try it!!!

    1. So do I! I've journal-ed since...well, over half my life ago xD and for planning, bullet journals are my favorite go-to!
      Haha, yep. I know what you mean by that ;)
      Thank you <3


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