DIY TIE-DYE GALAXY ballet shoes (with sharpie & alcohol!)

It so happens that I came across this Einstein-DIY for using sharpie + alcohol for tie dye. And I happen to have this old, raggedy pair of Capezio canvas split soles that are not in use anymore. Let that opportunity slip away? Nah. Let's do this.

What you're gonna need:
  • sharpies (preferably large ones)
  • rubbing alcohol
  • pair of canvas ballet shoes

Assemble all your stuff and place it on top of something. Yah, don't tie dye your table.
Firstly we're gonna scribble with the sharpies. I liked it horizontal better (but probably an expanding circle would be better). Remembering that darker colors are gonna expand and cover your lighter ones. The style is completely up to you --- make it unique.

Add the alcohol and smear it around, then let it sit. Don't dye your finger (*cough* like me) The longer it soaks in, the better they look! I put my pair out in the sun to dry. Don't dye your carpet, either! It tends to soak into the shoe for some time, so keep that in mind.

It actually was really amazing what came across the other day. Mom wanted to get me a new pair of ballet shoes (these here are last seasons'). I was praying about what I should do with dance; if this was the path I should be taking (moving into Cechetti Grade 4 and taking 2 classes a week). Mom went off to the thriftstore that day, and when she came home, the only thing she had bought was a brand new, size 7 narrow pair of Sansha split-soles in the bag. Now, I dunno 'bout you, but having the exact pair of dance shoes that fit your feet like gloves (turned out I always needed a narrow) from a local thriftstore new, in the bag, can't be anything but God. 

And tah-dah! Now your all set and stylish for spirit day. And home practice. Can't miss those homemade, colorful shoes!

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  1. First of all, those are so adorable! Second, I somehow missed your post about moving blogs, and I've been missing your posts so much! I'm so glad I found it! It's seriously so gorgeous!

    ~ Pip

    1. Aww, glad to hear from you again, girl! Yep, unfortunately my old blog had some html issues /:
      I miss you too! Can't wait to see you 'round again ;)


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