Let's Wrap it up, August

Let's call it a month! Can't believe August 2017 is coming to an end, but here we are....and coming into fall! This month has brought me so many new experiences. What with a 7 day internet fast, and a beach party to plot and execute for my youth group, I'd call it a full-on August. So let's get to it.

//reading North and South  by Elizabeth Gaskell (which technically I finished but hey). WHAT A BOOK. If your a classic lover, a history enthusiast, or a period-drama fan, GO an get yourself a copy. I mean it had a quote on the back cover from Charles Dickens. CHARLES DICKENS. He reviewed it! Loved this. Great read.
//singing It is Well by David Dunn, You Lead by Jamie Grace. I'm also dancing to some great dance mixes by Psalm...quite possibly the best Christian D.J on Youtube.
//watching World of Dance (the finale was...well, Eva Igo didn't win), Fixer Upper, the Andy Griffith Show, the Beverly Hillbillies. All that old jazz.
//eating fried egg on bagel, Noosa yoghurt, homemade smoothies.
//wearing off-the-shoulder blouse, ballet tie-up flats, braids and definitely bouffant buns. Soon I'll be in jeans...and it takes me almost that long just to tan...to go right back into winter clothes.

(I'm also trying out digital drawing!)

Let's talk!
What are you reading/watching/eating?

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  1. Those drawing are so cute! Can you believe August is almost over? I had so many great things happen this month, but I don't want it to end.

    ~ Pip

    1. Thank you, Pip! I know, right?! Where's the summer going. Or the year *hem* lemme stop myself there XD. I'm glad fall is coming for a couple reasons tho....one being that the humidity will finally leave :D


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