Seeing a hot air balloon -- not on T.V but in real life -- is something that seems to be on the bucket list of everyone. And a couple weekends ago I got that chance.
It was amazing how huge the actual balloons are! The baskets are so small that all the people in them look as if they had no personal space. Honestly I would have had a case of anxiety if the line had been smaller and I had gone up in one...fiery flames shooting up over my head in a balloon full of not exactly the #1 safest bucket list item. But, someday I'll pluck up the courage and hop in a basket.

It truly was beautiful. We as a family got the blessing to see it free, but if you ever had a chance to see a troop of them, even for cost, I'd say to do it. The little kids running around there had an absolute blast, and especially at night when they lit them up, I know I did.
We really are so truly blessed; our country, our family. Our freedom to believe and live in Christ everyday. Not only to have basic necessities others live their entire lives in need of, but to have extras that we enjoy and often take for granted. We are always loved by Jesus.

Next I just have to see the floating lanterns!

Let's talk!
Have you ever been to an air balloon show?

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  1. I love hot air balloons! Every year we go to the New Mexico (because we live there) balloon fiesta. It's truly amazing to watch them glow at night. Having thousands and thousands of people from all over the world coming to see something together is really cool.

    ~ Pip

    1. So do I! A neighbor of mine said she saw that once; it sounds incredible. You should definitely write a blog post with some great pics next time you see it.
      Yeah, I know that feeling, going to so many huge things at D.C .

  2. Wow, the balloons do look tiny compared to the basket! I didn't realize they were proportioned that way.

    Also, I don't believe I've commented yet, but the new blog and design looks great! I like the meaning behind the name. :)

    1. Thank you! ;D so do I; that's one of the reasons I picked it :)


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