3 EASY dance bag EXTRAS your FORGETTING (because its that time of year!)

by - September 04, 2017

Things you'll never hear dancers say... "I wish I had less stuff to put in my dance bag". A dance bag can be a survival kit all in one. And its top-notch important what you decide to stash. Especially on that first day when your mind's not in the class yet! So let's do this --- no unprepared dancers!

A Theraband  is a stretchy band that can wrap around near anywhere on your body for the sake of stretching. By using another body part for resistance, you can get beautiful arches in your feet, encourage splits, extension, strength and turnout. It's my all-round stretch buddy. There's different levels of resistance that can be bought (for instance, with the ones I own, it goes green is hard, to red, to the easiest yellow) and you'll never regret buying these things. They take extreme pressure without breaking.

This exercise is my favorite. I like to do between 10-20 and then pulse demi-point to full point (the two last pictures would illustrate that). It goes like this flex, ball of the foot and point.
Do that regularly and you'll get a beautiful arch! A tip tho; put it just over your big toe and just under the ball of your foot. Don't let it come back to hit you like a giant rubber band (use a Theraband carefully, please). I love to use this exercise to work on my arch at home; and in a couple days I'll be using it in a technique class as well.

I know, I know. Nail files are almost as important as bringing tights or shoes, tho! Literally, a $20 pair of tights could be completely ruined because you forgot to trim and file your nails or (especially) your toenails. Another tip for this is to keep your tights in their own space. I learned that the hard way by getting a choker, which was for my costume, stuck by its velcro onto my recital tights. No fun in that.

A dance journal is another handy tool. Just this summer have I really begun to write notes for myself. This is a good thing to pick up for any dancer working on improving, and a great thing for a dancer taking private and/or technique classes. Generally you have one or two (or three let's face it) of those classes when you get so many tips and 'things to work on' your memory blots out half of them and saves the other few.
That's what a handy little notepad is for! After class when your driving home, or sitting in the car, or before class suddenly remembering last times' corrections. Trust me, even if you do this on your phone, it helps.

Do you have any dance-bag-must-haves to share?

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  1. I loved this, Michaila! Super helpful tips. And I definitely feel you on the last one! I always forget my choreography, so I've been writing it down and it helps. So. Much.

    1. Thank you Charis! I'm so happy I could be of service ;)
      YES. I might do a post soon on bullet journaling for dancers and their goals.


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