"Hoppy To See You" do it yourself watercolor greeting card

by - September 20, 2017

I'm super excited to share with you all my new project: a step-by-step watercolor autumn greeting card! So hop right over and let's get started.

  • Ink pen
  • Watercolors (wet or dry)
  • A small paintbrush
  • Watercolor card and envelope
  • Water
  • Pencil (I prefer mechanical)

I started off by drawing a couple big pumpkins (a large circle-like sketch, with curvy lines in the middle and top, plus a nice stem) and then adding a few less-detailed baby pumpkins near by. I sketched the bunny's head peeping around the corner, starting with an oval, then adding long, slightly-pointed (mostly rounded) ears. I drew an eye, the chest, and a few maple leaves. Don't forget the whiskers and nose!

In cursive, write "Hoppy to see You".

Okay, now that I colored in the pumpkins, leaves, and bunny (with red, brown, orange, yellow) I'm going to take the ink pen and bring out details.

What I love about using ink with watercolor is that you define it, yet you don't overdo it. The simplicity of the watercolors remain; the character seems enhanced.

The envelope is the card's match, same colors, same characters. The back features a stack of 4 multi-colored pumpkins (2 small, 2 larger) and 3 red maple leaves. The front says "Hoppy to See You" with a very small pumpkin and bunny outline. Both are detailed with ink.

Hope you and your happy pen pal enjoy!

Let's talk: what are you looking forward to this fall?

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  1. HEYYYY GIRL HAVEN'T COMMENTED ON HERE IN A WHILE. *insert monkey-hands-over-eyes emoji* How've you been?
    DARN you're a talented artist. That's only something that comes naturally, so kudos to you for using your gift!! ^_^
    Things I'm looking forward to this fall....um THE VOICE STARTS. Have you ever watched the show before? If not, you have missed out, you poor thing. *pats you on head* BUT SERIOUSLY WATCH IT SO THAT WE CAN SQUEE ABOUT IT. It's live on Mondays, but we watch it on Hulu on Wednesday. And it starts THIS MONDAY!!! *squeals and runs around forever* It's a singing show, and one of my sisters wants to audition on there, so that would be pretty epic. ^_^
    I hope you are enjoying your beautiful fall weather wherever you are! (here we're having a heat index of 100 degrees. Gross. =p)
    God bless!

      I've been good (laughs) and you? Yeah it's a new blog so it's under reno...were gettin' there :D
      Aww thanks <3 I think I saw it when I saw younger (but the judges were a little immodest so I believe that's why we stopped). Since we're all musical over here -- I love to sing -- generally we catch some of American Idol, tho! But our fave reality/competition show is Survivor.
      Have you seen it?
      Ugh I'm so happy we've cooled down a little. You've got this...soon it'll be cool an' autunmy there too XD

  2. This is such a beautiful tutorial! I LOVE the card, so cute!!!!! Also wanted to say thanks so much for following my blog! (Following yours rn!). Again, this is just amazing, keep it up!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Of course, your blog is so beautiful ;) love the template and style, btw! <3

  3. This is super cute! and fun! Love everything about this tutorial!

    1. Thank you! My bunny is my inspiration <3 he's the bestest :D


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