Making Fall a (truly) COZY EXPERIENCE on a $5.00 budget

by - September 10, 2017

When I start feeling September weather, and hearing the few (but soon to come) crunch of leaves, there's a couple things that come to my mind.
Number one?? Being cozy...with a good novel, a cuppa British tea, a low-light lamp and the smell of wood burning. oh yes. So let's get to it.
Because trust me, you can do anything on a small budget (and a lotta prayer).

I'm a completely biased classics person. I read classics because classics are where I would time-travel to. There's absolutely no reason not to love Pride and Prejudice. And for that reason (and also for the 2337455842 reasons I have) that's my fall read. 
The great thing about reading is that you can be on quarters and still go to the library to get a STACK of your favorites. And the best thing? If you have a government-run library near you, there could (and should) be a website where you can order media offline. Even movies and music. For no charge or anything...and they'll bring it from other libraries if yours doesn't have it. So if your one of those completely-inept-from-being-sociable race of people, you can just walk in, grab your 'holds' from your own little marked spot with your name on it, check it out, and leave.

What else goes with a good book but hot, simply smell-worthy tea? After you check out T.J Maxx or make your own homemade tea, you can sit down and read some pages with a sip or two of your no to low cost cuppa.

Sometimes I also get in touch with my older lady and crochet or knit for like an hour straight. If you haven't tried either, you should look into getting some needles and hooks. And go to Pinterest where they knit like a whole condominium with little life-like people and bath towels.

Make your own socks, scarves, hats, stuffed animals (with big eyes called Amigurumi!). Spend less when you can give your own handmade gifts to friends and fam for Christmas; it's a useful hobby. And you can do it watching T.V or reading. Or both
The best part is that there's probably a whole bag of great yarn at your local thrift shop for a buck. So not only can you make all these great things at home, but you can buy the yarn for them at an incredibly affordable price!

(For a great sample of this coming tip thingy, check out my post on the air balloon festival)
You may not know it, but your county could be kicking off some pretty amazing, bucket-list festivals you aren't a part of. and what if they're free? Yeah, I saw 4 hot air balloons for free.
Don't miss out on the things you can be apart of! Check  for events in your area. You might be missing art shows, craft fairs, flea markets, costume parades, and library events!

I love eating my Mom's apple pie. But honestly, when it's from Sep-Nov, there's nothing better to be cozy with than pumpkin pie and whipped cream. And half the fun is picking out the pie pumpkin! You can go to a hayride (which if you can get in at group discount might cost between $0-$8) and at the end be offered to pluck up one, or grab one at a flea market for a couple dollars (still only spent $3.00! Whoo!).
Other fall foods I love to make with Mom are chili with corn and lamb, muffins, sweet potato pie, and, as always, homemade kettle corn.

Make a bucket list! Outta ideas? Here's some fun and cheap inspo.

  • Go on a hayride with friends
  • Go to a free art/craft festival
  • Enjoy your county's fair
  • Make pumpkin pie, muffins, donuts, or a pumpkin latte
  • Read 3 British classics
  • DIY your own homemade tea!
  • DIY bath bombs
  • Go to a corn maze
  • Read by firelight
  • Have a campfire
  • Crochet/knit a turban headband
  • Revisit an old, classic television show
  • Make a DIY autumn leaf-wreath

I'd also like to mention that, as we head into this season, our prayers are still with both the victims of hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Let's talk!
What do you love to do in fall weather?

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  1. I love your taste in literature - Jane Austen all the way!!! I'm a huge classics person :D

    1. Ahh YES!!! I read 3 of her books this year -- Emma, P&P, and just recently Persuasion. I read a diet of almost completely classics :D

    2. YASS! One year I read P&P, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion in one summer. I was on a roll, and I think now Emma is my fave book XD

    3. I love Emma! That one chapter...when Mr. Knightley says everything to her. Oh. But I think P&P is my fave ;D


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