7 HAIR SECRETS I learned from trial-by-error

by - October 08, 2017

Hey pals! -- today I'm gonna share with you a few tips n' tricks I learned eh, how should I say, the hard way about hair. So put your hair ties on your wrist and let's get to it.

1. So I'm a dancer -- which means when I come home from dance at 9:30, rush to go to the shower, and pull 30ish bobby pins from a ballet bun. Lemme start by saying that with all my frizzy-end struggles, one of the #1 reasons My ends were terribly harsh was because of the violence bobby-pin pulling did to them. Hearing that popping sound is obviously not a good thing.

In sequence to that, I started pulling my pins out differently by placing a finger on either side of the bobby pin, and pulling it out with my other hand. Less harm = healthier hair.

2. I don't use ponytails/hair ties with metal on them, or rubber bands. Honestly I would think everyone wouldn't use these anymore...but they seem to still be selling. The metal broke and knotted my hair worse than the rubber bands did. Then they rust. Then they brake. Ugh. Not one of those hair ties to keep forever.
I will say, in defense of the rubber scunci hair ties, that they can be valuable when swimming (if I feel like risking a knot) and they last years.

3. Because we constantly have to have curls (because curls are the cutest) every hair hack, curling rod and new as-seen-on-tv seems to be the thing to try. Now, I'm going to start by saying that yes, I have naturally wavy hair. But honestly, if it's flat, straight for that day or just blah and I braid it, the next morning I have -- TAH DAH -- beautiful curls! I like to rub in some conditioner or anti-frizz oil and do either a French braid or double dutch braids (something like boxer braids). I love Giovanni.

4. I like to add a little 'pomp' to my hair. It looks really cute -- and I don't feel like my hairline is slowly going to recede. Like when I'm doing braids, I'll part it way over, or with a bun I'll leave the front section undone, separate it in half, and criss-cross it around the bun. I've even done this for dance nights before.

5. At the beginning of this summer I tried a bunch of 'natural hair lightener ingredients'. Nothing really worked, but then, I have really dark hair. However, I met a new friend in my endeavors -- honey. It banished my dry ends, softened my hair, and, on top of it all I smelled so sweet! I just bought a big thing of all-natural pure honey from T.J Maxx for about $6.00. It did the trick like nothing else for my dry hair.

7. This one is sort of funny. Sometimes I get dandruff, so I'll use Shea Moisture shampoo (which does help. However, if I use it constantly it's effect seems to wear off a smidgen). But the best thing for my scalp? Saltwater at the ocean. I come back from a sunny vaca day at the beach with clearer skin from head to toe. Saltwater is a natural healer, and the stronger it seems for me, the better. 

There's a few secrets from yours truly. Lemme know if you'd like to see more -- perhaps for thick curly hair?? We all know the curly-headed ones with the 12" thick locks have it hard!

Thanks for reading!

Let's talk!
What are your top 7 hair secrets?
Up do's or down do's; which is your go-to?

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  1. These are great tips! My hair is naturally stick straight, so I often braid it before bed. I had no idea saltwater was so healing. I'll have to try that out.

    ~ Pip

    P.S. I'm going to be emailing you soon with some exciting news! Well, exciting for me;)

    1. Thanks Pip! Braiding is such a great thing, isn't it? Have you ever tried pin-curling?

      Really?? Ahh now I'm so curious xD

  2. Thanks for the tips! I... Can barely do my hair. xD It's SO THICK, so the most I do is pull it into a ponytail or make a little "crown."

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. As you can see, I have SUPER THICK hair too. It can be more difficult to do a lot of hairstyles with it. Especially wearing it down!

  3. Great tips. I never would have guessed salt water for dandruff.


    1. Neither would I if I hadn't noticed how much it helped.

  4. Good to know, good to know... I have a ton of split/dry ends, maybe I should try the honey thing..... XD

    1. So do I...yes, honey helped me so much!


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