BUTTERMILK SKY || watercolors + ink

by - October 16, 2017

In the middle of this cloudy + rainy day, I whipped up a watercolor celebrating sunny skies (because why not). 
The weather of autumn is here; crisp leaves, the scent of fresh, slightly-chilled air. It's a gift just to live in fall, is it not?


Reading// Anna and the King of Siam (i.e, the King and I's beginnings)
Eating// Popcorn
Thinking// about Nation Novel Writing Month in November, when I'll write 50k. My draft is called 'Strings of Winter'. Also...my brain is still trying to focus on a turn pattern for ballet class.
Singing// A bunch of poppish stuff from Cross Nation's remix channel.
Random// I did probably over 50 turns in the past 5 days. I also got a promise (Virginity) ring when we went on vacation the other day.Watched a bunch of corny Hallmark movies with Mom...'cause old soul forever. Me *walks into open space in store*. Me to Mom *this would be a great place for a dance studio*.
Enjoying// the weather, the air.

Let's talk!
How's your week going? Are you working on any hard tasks?

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  1. Hey, this is Pip, from Pip and Lolly. I just sent you an email about my new blog;)

  2. This is such a beautiful watercolor piece, Michaila! And I'm totally with you on what you said about fall; I just adore this season! :)


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