Interview w/ Ella Marie (February Fairy Blog Launch)

by - October 26, 2017

Today I have a lovely post whereas I interview a friend of mine, Ella Marie, who has started a new blog! She's a great Christian blogger and has an absolutely beautiful new blog spot.

-What was your inspiration to start this lovely, beautiful blog?

First, you are too sweet!  I'm so happy you think it's pretty!  I don't know how I came up with the name exactly.  For about a week I had been experimenting with blog names, but nothing felt natural.  I wanted something that felt me.  Then one day it sort of popped into my head, The February Fairy.  Of course, I ended up changing it to February Fairy, for consistency and the alliteration sounds better.  February is because it's my birthday month, and fairy because I think every girl should feel as graceful, elegant and feminine as a fairy.    

- What are 3 of your favorite subjects to post on?

I like to post about so many things so this is hard.

1.  Theatre
2.  Monthly wrap ups (I think it has something to do with the fact I have everything organized.  It also makes me super excited for the next month.)
3.  Sometimes I have random inspiration and when I write it out it actually turns out how I meant for it to.  Those are usually my favorite.

-First theatre performance?

My first theatre performance was more of a dine in theatre.  I was about 9 and it was at our church.  There was literally only one rehearsal (crazy, am I right?) and I think I had two lines.  It was the Christmas story, told by Luke.  So, I was this kid, along with five others, who were listening to him tell it.  The main thing I remember is making pottery in this tent, being careful not to smile constantly when the actor playing Luke was telling the story (we were only on stage for a little bit of it) and ending up looking like I was glaring at him, and also having a huge crush on the one kid who had three lines instead of two.  Update: I saw him about a year ago and his cuteness level went down so much.  

-Dream acting/dancing role?

I have too many.  I played Wendy in Peter Pan last spring and it was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me.  So, I think it would be amazing to play her again, in a more professional environment. I think the role of Liesl in Sound of Music would be a blast.  Also Lucy from Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I could go on, but the list is long enough.  :P    

-(and just for fun) If you could dictate a Disney movie, what would the theme/story be and who the actors?

Oh my gosh, this would be a blast.  I kind of have this story idea, where there is a super sweet giggly girl and she ends up being the villain.  Literally all I have towards it, but doesn't it sound so cool and unexpected?  Because you kind of expect the most lovable characters to die, but then she's the villain.  I think it could be amazing.  

As for actors,

. Me (although screen acting isn't near as fun as stage, I still like it)
. Idena Menzel-she's seriously amazing
. Lily James
. I would need guys, but I honestly don't know who.  I would have tons of people audition.  
. Um, my friends?  Some of them are really talented.

I just want to say congrats on the beautiful blog, Ella! I know it's going to have so many great posts to fill it.

Ella Marie is a teen lifestyle blogger with a passion for inspiring other girls.  She is a Christian, ENFP, aspiring actress, night owl. and lover of lemons and ice cream (not together of course).  If you enjoy simple encouragement or are ready to dance to Meghan Trainor songs with her, then she's ready to rock the world with you!

Go check out the February Fairy here

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  1. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT, MICHAIALA! Thank you so much for participating!

  2. Awesome post and I love both your blogs!

  3. I love your new blog header! It looks so classy! :D

    1. Thanks Catharine! I had fun making it ;)


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