It's Raining Watercolors (how to splatter paint)

by - October 31, 2017

Hey everyone! So today I'm going to show you all something I love to do -- splatter paint. It's wild, it's fun, and you can hardly go wrong. Get out your brushes and lets go.

This post is mainly for showing how you can design a card/poster/gift or just for some fun inspiration. You'll mainly need...

-Splatter paint recipe------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

large or medium sized brush
watercolors of all colors
round object (for tracing)
ink pen (if desired) 


Here we have a lovely coco whip lid (lovely stuff btw. Ready whips got nothin' on this). Reused and recycled as a covering for our plain circle. I splatter painted all around it; this way, when the lid is lifted off, there'll be a clean, unpainted circle to make a contrast with the wild pattern of splatter. Make sure not to splatter paint around things you care about and don't want paint on.

Wet brush. Soak thoroughly with desired color. Place finger on the front of the brush, in a flicking motion. Aim at the place you've set, and let go.

See how easy and beautiful it is?? There are so many ways to splatter paint, but this is one of my favorites. Mainly because the dots vary in size and intensity of color.

After basically going crazy with the brush and makin' it rain blue paint on many another thing, I removed the colorful cocowhip lid.

phew! A beautiful white circle. This is such a great place to put "happy birthday" "get well" "love you" or some other card-opener, postcard-beautiful quote.

That's a wrap! Wanna share some of your favorite painting, drawing, or anything art secrets? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. AHH, GIRL, YOU ARE SO TALENTED! Everything you make is seriously so gorgeous!

    1. AHH Ella stop it! You are too sweet <3

  2. That looks SO amazing!! Also, in the future can you make a tutorial about how you do that brush lettering? I'm terrible with watercolours so I want to learn how. :)

    1. Thanks, Cat! I'd love to -- I'm not the best at it, but I really love it when it does turn out ;) I'm sure your not that bad; watercolors are easy once you learn how to manage the water/color intensities.

  3. WHOA! You are so amazingly artistic! I wish I had your skills haha!


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