GUEST ART (by Molly Rebekah) Anne of Green Gables Calligraphy

by - November 05, 2017

I've welcomed a lovely and very talented artist, Molly Rebekah, do come share some art and tips! With beautiful handwriting (honestly you all, she's amazing at calligraphy) and the quotes from Anne, this piece of masterpiece is the perfect combo; I love it.

1)Who / what inspires you?

Well, as you can probably tell from looking at the items in my shop, I get a lot of inspiration for my artwork from literature! I just love illustrating inspiring quotes from classics such as the Chronicles of Narnia series, the Anne of Green Gables books, and novels by Jane Austen. There are also so many wonderful Bible verses and fun quotes from Disney movies that I have centered my art around.

Of course, I also find a lot of inspiration from other artists! I greatly admire Jenny from Carrot Top Paper Shop's work ( She creates such gorgeous literary-themed items, and I seriously want everything in her shop! Another artist whose work really inspires me is Breezy Brookshire ( She is an incredibly talented illustrator, and her artwork is so beautiful and whimsical. 

2.) What tricks have you learned?

I've definitely picked up some useful skills over the past few years, as my love for art has grown and I've tried out lots of fun new mediums. One of the most helpful tricks I've learned is the use of tracing paper. It's perfect for making a copy of one of your drawings, sketches, etc., without having to start entirely from scratch! Basically, you just lay a piece of tracing paper on top of your artwork, and trace everything. Then, take the tracing paper off of your artwork, flip it over, and retrace everything that you just drew on the other side. Now that there are pencil markings on both side, lay the tracing paper on a new sheet of paper, and go over the lines one more time so that they will transfer onto the new paper. And then you're done! I use this technique all the time when making the made-to-order items in my shop. :)

3.) 3 of your favorite painting and calligraphy pals?

Some other ladies whose work I absolutely love are Jaimie from The Honey Bee Paperie (, Haleigh from Sweet Sequels (, and Emily from Hearts from Joy ( All three make such beautiful, creative items, and I definitely recommend checking out their Etsy shops!

"This is definitely one of my favorite quotes from the Anne books! It's so inspiring and encouraging, and I feel like it perfectly reflects Anne's optimistic, cheerful outlook on life. :) For this piece I used PanPastels (which are AMAZING! I totally recommend them!) and artist pens."

Find Molly Rebekah on....

Thank you, Molly, for this lovely guest post ;) I can't get enough of your beautiful art!

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    1. Thank you Lissa ;) it was a lot of fun!

  2. Thank you so much again Michaila for asking me to do a guest post!! You are just too sweet. <3

    1. Of course! You are a beautiful artist and thank you so much for sharing your gift on my blog <3

  3. Okay... I just stumbled on your blog from "Walking in the Sonshine", and I'm hooked. This is gorgeous. And the words match it. And you talk about crafts and support Etsy sellers. And basically, it's the perfect blog for a craft making and selling, beauty and word loving person like myself to come to be inspired!!! You have a BEAUTIFUL blog, dear, and I'm following it right now!!!
    Blessings in Christ,
    Bri from

    1. Aww, you just made my day, Bri! <3 Thank you so much =D YES,I'm all about homemade entrepreneurs! I have my own lil' local business that comes right out of (well, sorta my front yard) the beach I live by.
      Thank you! <3 you are too sweet.

      Btw, Just followed you!


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