How to Pack the MOST in a shoe box (OCC) For Under $15.00

by - November 17, 2017

Thousands of children around the world go hungry. Go unloved. At Christmastime, they wake up just like it's another day -- while American's and many other people around the globe enjoy the comforts of home, gifts, food and family.

That's what Operation Christmas Child is for; enabling blessed people like you and me to share what we have with poor children everywhere. You pack a shoe box, you make an impact that kid will never forget. The small gift you give, he or she may take and live their life on, become Christian's or world athletes or start helping in their community.

A shoe box should have a few definite things in it (and a few unallowed: liquids, knives, etc) -- but either way it's all up to you. You can even put an email address or your house address for your kid to write to you about his or her gifts! Not only an amazing opportunity to share Christ's love but to also give Christmas joy to some little one who's never had it. To read more about Operation Christmas Child, visit here.

1. Plan a trip to the Dollar Tree

Unlike a lotta fakers, Dollar Tree keeps it real...EVERYTHING is a dollar. I'm kind of a dollar store/T.J Maxx/thrift store person so I stock up here. Some ideas for things to get...

10-14 yrs

  • comb/brush pack w/ a mirror
  • hygiene kit
  • journal
  • pens, pencils and markers
  • stickers!
  • maybe a small doll
  • soap & sponge
  • Hair accessories
  • Erasers
  • hand-held board game or a soccer ball & pump

5-9 yrs

  • stuffed animals
  • little toys (like LPS, dolls tiaras, bouncy balls)
  • soap & sponge
  • coloring book
  • pencils & crayons
  • kid-safe scissors
  • yo-yo
  • football
  • hot wheels or a mini TY
  • mini game

2-4 yrs

  • baby doll or teddy bear
  • lots of crayons
  • soap and hygiene items
  • fun sippy cup
  • coloring books
  • little socks
  • mini blanket or towel
  • T-shirt or gloves
  • stickers
  • bag or tiny backpack

2. Don't forget

...A 'wow' item, a few handy items and a few school items. A mini kid's Bible will be added to your box called the 'Greatest Journey. Wow items could be like a doll, soccer ball (with pump) football, or a large stuffed animal. What would you have liked to open up on Christmas, when you were a kid? 

Hygiene items...hand wipes, sponges, soap, washcloths. Not too fun but definitely useful! Stuff we find boring will be amazing to them.

School items like packs of pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, journals and more always go in my box. One reason is because I keep thinking what I'd like and the necessity of writing is the biggest thing. What can I say? A writer without pencil and paper is a sorry sight.

My favorite things to get are toys...I can't get the picture of some lonely, hopeless child's face just lighting up when they realize someone is thinking of them, on the other side of the globe. And that Jesus loves them. I love little I have a habit of overdoing it on the toys. Little Pet Shops (a favorite of my own when a was a little thing) stickers (another fave) yoyos, bracelets, bouncy balls, coloring books, crayons, fun & animated cups, dress-up sets, little footballs and soccer balls. 

3. Pack it up

Get a shoe box from a local shoe store or even a Walmart. Packing smart is actually fun -- it's like stuffing a stocking. I like to put hidden items in the cups, or lunch boxes or bags, and then fit them all into the shoe box. Make sure to wrap it! And don't forget to add a note in case he or she wants to send a thank you.

Let's talk!
What was your favorite pressent as a kid?

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  1. This is a very helpful post! I love packing little coloring books and crayons. I always pray that the children would be greatly blessed by the gifts.
    (btw, your blog design is absolutely stunning!)

    1. So do I! Yes; prayer is more important than anything in the box ;)
      Aw, thank you Abi! <3


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