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Woah, it's 20 days until Christmas?! While your soaking in the shock, here's a compiled and completely industrious list of 50 gifts to DIY for Christmas. All fun, generally inexpensive and take a low amount of time. 
Ready? Get out a notepad, 'cause you're gonna want to write some of these down.

...For Dad / Guy...

  • basket of goodies (fave snacks, candy, everything edible)
  • A nice pair of hand-knit socks
  • A matching scarf
  • A beanie to go anywhere and everywhere! slouches are the best
  • Coupon booklet (the ol' classic)
  • Hand-drawn character of him + all the things you love about him
  • Sharpie mug (a big, manly mug) with a funny quote (this is great for the person who loves to do calligraphy)
  • mini terrarium w/ succulents! My Dad loves plants (if you're a green thumb, here's your gift!)
  • Box of chocolates (coconut, truffles, hand-made home-cooked candies)
  • Designed baseball cap
  • Hand-dyed T-shirt
  • Superior hygiene kit: soap, shampoo, scrub, crocheted sponge, all the handmade essentials
  • Matching tie with a matching collar for his best friend (the pooch!)
  • Ear muffs!
  • Hand-knit gloves!
  • Little hand-painted box of inscribed picks with his initials (for the music lover -- I might use this myself...)
  • Crocheted slippers to stay warm an' cozy by the fireplace
  • Bible verse sturdy bookmarks for the bibliophile (maybe carved from wood)
  • Vintage-looking canvas paint of his favorite thing or place (perhaps the pup, or the ocean; put Elmer's glue on as the first coat before painting -- when it dries, after the second coat is applied, it leaves realistic cracks!)
  • A box of homemade Reese's Peanut butter cups
  • Handmade necklace with engraved/painted bead reading his favorite Bible verse
  • Cup cozies for hot chocolate and tea
  • Knit chunky and over-sized sweater for the guy who can never get warm (bc he needs it)
  • Homemade men's shaving cream & hair conditioner
  • Pallet coasters inscribed with a meaningful verse/quote (easy and cute to make!)

...For Mom / Girl / BFF...

  • Candy cane sleigh filled with cosmetic goodies in her favorite scent (individual bronzer or blush, lipsticks, chap stick and bath bomb)
  • Hand-crocheted mittens with a cute design, or her initials
  • Crocheted set of hair-bun-nets for the ballet dancer
  • Crochet grocery bags
  • Handmade cosmetic basket of goodies (bath bombs, soap, shampoo or conditioner, sugar scrubs, lavender or rose scented items)
  • Homemade makeup kit! I love this idea, especially because natural Mica (an ingredient in eye shadow) is such a good price on Ebay and comes in so many colors!
  • Crocheted amigurumi of her favorite Disney character or heroine
  • Crochet flower headband 
  • Hand-painted sign or canvas of an abstract ballerina en pointe (for the dancer) cute puppy or horse (for the 4-H girl) Princess silhouette (for the Disney girl) or watercolor, framed with a DIY stick and twig frame, for the art-lover
  • Homemade candles to make your Grandmother's house smell perfect
  • Growing kit for her favorite flower, with seed packet, pot, and lil' watering can
  • Pics of you and her having a blast in B&B on a DIY clothesline frame
  • Treats for her pooch, baked in your oven with love (and a treat for her too!)
  • Homemade mascara to match her exact hair color
  • A cute canvas handbag / clutch tie-dyed with sharpies and alcohol
  • Her favorite Disney quote on a mug! Use oil-based sharpies and bake in the oven
  • You-designed phone case, ordered from the web
  • You-sew T-shirts with snappy sayings for the BFF who always keeps you laughing...
  • Over-sized homemade chocolate bar-bark with DIY wrapper for a laugh
  • One-of-a-kind Tie-Dyed ballet shoes for the dancer -- buy a new pair and make it fabulous with her favorite colors (DIY post here)!
  • Jane Austen or L.M Montgomery bookmarks for the pen-pal who loves classic fiction & romance
  • Hand-crocheted scarf with matching boot cuffs
  • Cocoa kit in adorable mug (don't forget the mini marshmallows!)
  • Little book of calligraph-ied Bible verses
  • Watercolor poster of you and her, and a Bible verse you both love

Hoped you enjoyed these ideas as much as I did! Have fun with the Christmas-plotting, loves!
Till next time.

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  1. I don't celebrate Christmas, but this is an AWESOME list of presents for whatever the occasion. I especially the ones for guys, I'm normally stumped when it comes to purchasing gifts for males. Thanks!

  2. YES, getting gifts for guys is literally the worst. It's too hard...but still I love doing it? I guess it's just part of it all, haha. I honestly don't know how I'd get through winter without Christmas -- picking a time to celebrate Jesus is such a beautiful thing <3
    Thank you!

  3. A box of homemade Reese's sounds SO GOOD. And a Jane Austen bookmark is a great idea, too! And a self-designed phone case. I think I actually might have to use that idea!
    All this to say -- great list!! It is so helpful! :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  4. I looooved this post! Me and my sister always get together on the 23rd to bake cookies and do christmassy things, so this list was super helpful! Loving your new blog! :)


    1. Thank you, Michele (*coughs* I'm so happy 'cause it took me forever) I LOVE making Christmas cookies! Me and my Mom always bake like 2-4 dozen every year, all different types, and the house smells amazing <3


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