ULTIMATE DANCE WISHLIST (everything that makes your dance life happy)

by - December 10, 2017

Christmas is almost here and I'm drooling over the Bloch & Capezio emails in my inbox. Fashion leotards, warm-ups, feet rollers, stretchy bands, turns boards...only a dancer would want such torture equipment. So here's my top 3 sets to sweat & pirouette.

1. For the fashionista gal

Ballet Everyday

Everything I would wear EVERYDAY in one big set. Ballet graphic tees are the thing...non-dancers might not get it, but we certainly do! With warm-up booties, a comical shirt and a beautiful ombre dance skirt, any dance girl would be happier than...well, almost just as happy if she'd landed a triple turn.

2. For the stretchy one


Therabands are my friend. I've achieved an arch with them that I would never have imagined a year ago (check out my pointe-strengthening workout here). A turn board is one of if not thee main gift on my wishlist! If you've seen the video compilations of dancers nailing multiple (tens and twenties) pirouettes, turns in second, and more on youtube, than you know what I mean.

3. For the girl who sleeps at the studio

At the Studio

Everything...all of it! I just want it all!
Those Bloch ballet shoes with the skillful open arch are the perfect way to show off an amazing point and talented feet! Nude color tunes can easily compliment the leotard from Discount Dance, and a choice between the fabulous Capezio back-pack or the more affordable, $10 Capezio bag.

Hope you can give a gift, or add some of these lovely gifts to your wish-list, lovelies!
See ya later.

Are you wishing for dance gifts this season?

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  1. I'm not much of a dancer or ballerina, but these are lovely!

    1. Aren't they? I don't think you have to be a dancer to want some of them, either <3

  2. I used to do ballet awhile ago, probably back when I was 14 or 15. I wasn't able to stick with it because of schedule conflicting, but I always enjoyed watching my sister and as she progressed to pointe. If I still did dance I would most certainly ask for these!

    1. That's too bad you quit -- although I know dance takes commitment; I think that's one of the joys of being homeschooled. But one thing always comes after another, and God gives us so many chances for new hobbies =D

  3. These dancer gift ideas are great! I need that foot roller in my life haha

  4. How much does each set cost overall? I love them!!

    1. Ummm...if you click on the link below the set, it'll take you to Polyvore, where you can view each item individually and it's price. Thank you! <3


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