COMPLETELY (low-cost) FUN ACTIVITIES To Occupy Your Idle Winter Days

by - January 09, 2018

At about February, we hit a drag in the year. Christmastime is over...spring is still a ways away. That's why I've compiled a (low-cost) list of ideas to help you brighten up your free, often snowed-in winter hours.

For the outdoorsy person

  • Snowball fight. Obviously not a unique idea, but why not spruce it up a bit? Invite the whole gang over and build an army. Go sledding and have sled races.
  • Winter photo shoot; go outside in the beautifully blanketed winter (full of soft white snow!) and find that perfect place to have someone hold the camera and snap some shots. Dancer? Don't forget the pointe shoes.
  • Bird watching may sound boring, but if you live in a place highly feathered, it might be more entertaining and beautiful than you think. Every winter I get the chance to see elegant, white-as-snow swans up close. It's worth the cold to travel out on sandbars and (stable) ice to look at them. And guess what? There's a good chance you have migratory birds near you that won't come back for a year -- a good chance to take some amazing pics.

For the fun-loving peep

  • Parades are pretty much free everywhere -- as far as my knowledge goes -- and depending on how big, can bring a good laugh or a good time. It just depends on where you live.
  • Ice skating. Can't wait to go (looking for a cheaper price? Try Groupon).
  • Sledding (obviously).
  • At home workouts from Youtube; I get my blood pumping everyday with stretching, and often with a youtube workout. Yoga, dance, and core workouts are top on the list for me.
  • The movie theater will never die as far as I'm concerned. It's always an option for fun; if you're low on cash, go on super Tuesdays or Mondays for the lowest prices.

For the Bibliophile

  • Museums are often free (like the famous Smithsonian's in the nation's capitol), and, if you're like me and can't get enough old things (old books, especially) a museum is a great place to spend long winter hours (I recently went to the brand-new Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C!)
  • Reading challenges are perfect for keeping your winter reading alive. Set goals for yourself and try different genres you haven't explored yet.
  • I like to pick a book of the Bible and read some everyday till I finish it. A few years ago it was Psalms, than Esther & Revelations. Currently I'm reading Isiah (...and I have a journaling Bible, which makes it more fun)

For the Crafty

  • knitting + crocheting. Wool can be expensive, but not from your local thrift shop.
  • If you like cooking, or baking, or just making things, now is the time! I experimented with some white/dark chocolate chip cookies and hauled them to dance class last week and now everyone loves me. I could summarize this by saying when you have plenty of time, learn things; experiment. You may hit on a skill or talent you had no clue you had.
  • You can literally make your own tea. I'm going to do this soon and I'll put up a post up about it! Little things like making tea to steep, bath bombs or shampoo is so fun and gives a person a great feeling to see their experiments turn out. Making gifts is another great way to pass the time, or helping out your local charity with warm knitted scarves, hats, or gloves.

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What do you do for fun in the wintertime?

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  1. These are such great ideas! My family makes our own tea and sells it in stores across the country-you should definitely try making some sometime!

    1. Thank you, Mira! Wow, really?! That's great! I definitely am going to -- this coming summer is going to be a season of homemade experiments :D
      You'll have to judge my tea recipes then ;)

  2. Love all of these ideas! Make my own tea?! That sounds awesome I will definitely have to try it! I looove ice skating! My boyfriend has never been ice skating before and I am trying to get him to come with me soon so I can teach him haha!

    1. Thanks Shelby! We've done it before, and can I just say that FRESH tea, straight from the garden, has a taste like no other. I can't wait to go (honestly I watch WAY too much of the Olympic Channel skating for my own good)!


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